Planning and Organising the Host Broadcasting of an international event

HBS is a high-quality broadcast service company and is privileged to be the Host Broadcaster of the FIFA World Cup™ since 2002, as well as international events such as the Asian Games and the Southeast Asian Games 2015. HBS has worked with the best international events and brings the experience of preparing and managing the broadcast requirements of an international sports event.

Whether you are an organising committee, a sports federation or a national or international sports institution, the Broadcast Academy is able to help you in the creation, preparation and organisation of a tailor-made broadcast plan. Our turnkey workshops are designed to offer guidance on the following topics: 

  • How to create a production plan and conduct quality control checks
  • Preparing the operational plan for the venues
  • Decision-making on broadcast servicing for the rights holders
  • Designing and building the IBC and ensuring perfect logistics
  • Engineering of broadcasting equipment to integrate with existing infrastructure
  • Managing media at the event
  • Recruiting, training and integrating staff
  • Monitoring of broadcast operations

The workshops make use of live events as case studies to educate the participants about all the various elements required to be ready to host an international event.


International Broadcast Centre (IBC) - Planning and managing

An International Broadcast Centre is the heart of the host broadcast operation and is the centre of television, radio, mobile and new media operations for the event, serving as the telecommunications hub for all national and international connectivity. Placed between venues and rights holders home operations the IBC is both a central component of the host broadcast operations and key component of the rights holders' operation.

Since 1998, HBS experts have been involved in design and operation of more than 10 International Broadcast Centres including 4 major IBC’s built for FIFA World CupsTM.

The Broadcast Academy by HBS will cover all aspects of an IBC for the benefit of the host broadcaster and the right holders.